Give your organization complete control over your distribution and continuous integration with Beta Depot

Cross Platform

Beta Depot focuses on the need to distribute your mobile apps across your team. It supports iOS and Android application builds. The application can be used from any device or computer with a modern browser.

Team Enabled

Team efforts require team-based tools. Beta Depot strives to make your team a first-class citizen.

Beta Depot provides the following functionality:

  • User Profiles: Every user will have their own account using Gravitar for the profile image.
  • Team Membership: Application administrators can define is team membership. It is as simple as entering the users email and selecting their assigned role.
  • Team Roles: Members can be assigned to application as Administrators, Testers and Developers.

Target Multiple Environments

Beta Depot allows you to specify the environment your build is targeting. Whether your next build to upload is a production build or just another nightly development build, Beta Depot is specifically designed to organize all of your builds regardless of the target environment.

Manage Builds & History

Beta Depot will always maintain a history of builds uploaded. With regression testing a reality of the software landscape, allowing testers to install older version without making a request to the development team will empower QA members. Beta Depot will keep track of the following for each build uploaded:

  • Uploaded By User.
  • Date & Time Uploaded
  • Application Version Information
  • Environment Targeted
  • Build Notes Documented by Uploaded User.
  • Application Main Icon

Responsive Architecture

With the diverse device footprint that exists it is a must to implement responsive web architectures. Beta Depot supports browser displays large and small. Choose and install your iOS or Android build right from the browser.

Beta Depot is currently in Beta (no pun intended, really). We are working hard to get it right. If you would like to get updates or see our progress please visit the Beta Depot GitHub Project page.