Android Async File Download

You want to show a user a PDF using your android app. This should be relatively simple right? Well there are several things to consider. First you need to download the document locally, in the background without disturbing the user. Android Async File Download Helper This snippets below manages the download task/thread using the AsyncTask […]

Web Api Key Authentication

If you are a developer like me you probably have plenty of experience using REST API with an API key and secret. What if you want to provide an API rather then consume it while implementing the same security you are familiar with. ASP.NET Web Api Key Authentication using DelegatingHandler ASP.NET Web Api provides http […]

How To Add an Android Action Bar Badge

There is a real need for display a badge along side of an action bar item. Unfortunitely the actionbarsherlock and android’s actionbar implementation does support any type of badging. However, a library was developed, called android-viewbadger, to add badges to views. However, this library does not support badging action bar items at the time of […]

ASP.NET Identity 2.9 Cookie & Token

ASP.NET Identity 2.0 Cookie & Token Authentication

This tutorial is centered around building an application that will support multiple platforms. The need to support a web application along with a complement of mobile apps is not uncommon. This tutorial will focus on setting up ASP.NET Identity 2.0 in a ASP.NET MVC application with WebAPI Support. Update: If you are interested in two […]