Parse CSV Comma or Pipe Delimited File with Linq

Many times I have been tasked with importing, reading and parsing text files with different formats. Most of the time I have had to read in a comma or pipe delimited file. Using libraries like CsvHelper helps if you are always developing solutions like this. If you need something quick or don’t want the added […]

Build a RESTful API & share it with the world. Part 2

In Part 1, I discussed a business case and implementation analysis when moving forward with developing an API for your organization. This second part will cover the technical side of your Restful API. This technical discussion will revolve around an open source RESTful API Starter Kit called WebApiSoup. Let me take a moment to touch […]

RESTful API for the World. Part 1

The Challenge with RESTful API There comes a time when you or your organization would like to share data or functionality across departments, trading partners or customers. Usually this entails setting up a system handling request or file drops processing inbound or outbound workflows and managing a data contract to those who wish to consume […]