Parse APK Manifest with C# .NET

During my development of the Iteedee.BetaDepot I was in need of the ability to Parse APK’s. The data I needed to glean from these packages was information like Package Name, Package Version, Icon, etc. Unfortunately there was no library written in .NET to read the manifest file and its related resources. The packaging and construction […]

ASP.NET Identity 2.9 Cookie & Token

ASP.NET Identity 2.0 Cookie & Token Authentication

This tutorial is centered around building an application that will support multiple platforms. The need to support a web application along with a complement of mobile apps is not uncommon. This tutorial will focus on setting up ASP.NET Identity 2.0 in a ASP.NET MVC application with WebAPI Support. Update: If you are interested in two […]

RESTful API for the World. Part 1

The Challenge with RESTful API There comes a time when you or your organization would like to share data or functionality across departments, trading partners or customers. Usually this entails setting up a system handling request or file drops processing inbound or outbound workflows and managing a data contract to those who wish to consume […]

ASP.NET MVC, Bootstrap and Knockout.js with a ~twist~

I have seen many great implementations of CSS and HTML through the Twitter BootStrap community along with themes like Bootstrap-Admin-Theme by Vincent Gabriel. However, there are many projects that require multiple technology implementations like ASP.NET MVC, REST API support and a responsive design that is professional and pleasing to the eye. Also, there is almost […]