App Store – iOS Metadata Rejected

Deploying a brand new app to the iOS app store can be a bit nerve racking when submitting it to iTunes Connect. You begin to ask yourself a bunch of question about the quality and the style used to build your app, hoping Apple will accept it. For most apps it usually ends there. For […]

iOS UICollectionView Tutorial

Since the release of iOS 6 UICollectionView have been taking the weight off of UITableViews. Some speculate that UICollectionView might just replace the need for the UITableView. I can certainly entertain that notion. Regardless of the UICollectionView’s place in the iOS world you will see that using a UICollectionView is no more complicated then a […]

Extracting Icons from APK using .NET

The packaging and construction of APK files is rather simple on the surface. APK’s are really just compressed zip files. So one would imagine pulling out the selected app icon would be simple. As you may or may not know, in order to find out which icon is selected as the app default icon you […]

Parse APK Manifest with C# .NET

During my development of the Iteedee.BetaDepot I was in need of the ability to Parse APK’s. The data I needed to glean from these packages was information like Package Name, Package Version, Icon, etc. Unfortunately there was no library written in .NET to read the manifest file and its related resources. The packaging and construction […]

Where Snapchat Security Went Wrong

Where Snapchat’s Security Went Wrong

It is starting to seem more common place. It seems companies big and small are susceptible to having their systems compromised. People are creative then it comes to finding exploits and security holes. This especially holds true when it comes to Snapchat’s security. The people at Gibson Security spent some time researching and disclosing issues […]

iOS iBeacon Tutorial

You might of heard of iBeacon. It was first used in Apple’s 254 retail stores to increase their customer’s shopping experience. I could go into a debate about how the technology should be used but I am going to focus this article on getting fimiliar with the Apple’s IOS and OSX API. I am also […]

Get StartMonitoringForRegion Working

iBeacon StartMonitoringForRegion Doesn’t Work

So I was scratching my head trying to the the iBeacon monitoring tooling to return a notification on my phone. I thought there was a problem with my app’s implementation of the Core Location’s Location Manager. All I wanted was to have the – (void)locationManager:(CLLocationManager *)manager didEnterRegion:(CLRegion *)region or – (void)locationManager:(CLLocationManager *)manager didExitRegion:(CLRegion *)region to […]


Jenkins Android – Git, Gradle, TestFlight

Introduction If you are new to Continuous integration for multiple mobile platforms then you are in the right place. This article will explain how to setup a fully automated continuous integration environment. To do this we will use the following: Jenkins: Our Continious integration server application Git: Our code repository, TestFlight: Our mobile testing distribution […]

The $50 Smartphone is the Future

We have seen it before. As the the popularity increases the economies of scale set in and the price comes down. The US smartphone industry is a little different but the same still holds true. Motorola, owned by Google now owned by Lenovo, is turning the industry on its head. The Moto G is an […]

So Why MEAP Anyway

So, What is a MEAP good for anyway?

Recalling many technology waves in the past, having a large number of tools, platforms and environments is predictable by nature. The Mobile technology wave is no different. The amount of work just sifting through the available tools to use can be overwhelming. There are several ways to build a mobile solution: Native, Native Cross-Platform, HTML/Native […]