App Store – iOS Metadata Rejected

Deploying a brand new app to the iOS app store can be a bit nerve racking when submitting it to iTunes Connect. You begin to ask yourself a bunch of question about the quality and the style used to build your app, hoping Apple will accept it. For most apps it usually ends there. For […]

iOS UICollectionView Tutorial

Since the release of iOS 6 UICollectionView have been taking the weight off of UITableViews. Some speculate that UICollectionView might just replace the need for the UITableView. I can certainly entertain that notion. Regardless of the UICollectionView’s place in the iOS world you will see that using a UICollectionView is no more complicated then a […]

Beta Depot Blog Feature

Beta Depot – TestFlight Android Alternative

I would like to introduce Beta Depot, an open source TestFlight Android Alternative build on .NET. The goal of this project is to create an on-premise alternative to the many varieties of cloud based offerings. This project focuses on being a team driven mobile application delivery platform with an emphases on continuous integration. With Testflight […]

iOS iBeacon Tutorial

You might of heard of iBeacon. It was first used in Apple’s 254 retail stores to increase their customer’s shopping experience. I could go into a debate about how the technology should be used but I am going to focus this article on getting fimiliar with the Apple’s IOS and OSX API. I am also […]

Get StartMonitoringForRegion Working

iBeacon StartMonitoringForRegion Doesn’t Work

So I was scratching my head trying to the the iBeacon monitoring tooling to return a notification on my phone. I thought there was a problem with my app’s implementation of the Core Location’s Location Manager. All I wanted was to have the – (void)locationManager:(CLLocationManager *)manager didEnterRegion:(CLRegion *)region or – (void)locationManager:(CLLocationManager *)manager didExitRegion:(CLRegion *)region to […]

iOS Jenkins Git Gradle TestFlight

Jenkins iOS – Git, xcodebuild, TestFlight

Introduction with Jenkins iOS If you are new to continuous integration for mobile platforms then you are in the right place. This article will explain how to setup a fully automated continuous integration environment. To do this we will use the following: Jenkins: Our Continious integration server application Git: Our code repository, TestFlight: Our mobile […]