Intellij 13 Quick Doc Pop Up

If you are having trouble with intellij 13 quick doc after upgrading from intellij 12 there is a solution. I have been using JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA to do my android development for about 6 months. I switch from eclipse and have looked back. Although, Eclipse wasn’t bad. It is just that IntelliJ IDEA is better. […]

NoSQL, A Trend or the Future

NoSQL, schemeless, open source, “Not Only SQL” databases have been around for quite some time. The NoSQL term was originally used by Carlo Strozzi to describe a light weight open-source relational database that didn’t adhere to a standard SQL programming interface. This technology is not anything new. NoSQL data stores existed before relational database theory […]

Azure pricing – the $15 Windows Server Virtual Machine

We have all been there. A small project or website we needed hosted with antiquate bandwidth, reliable server and server backup built-in. There might only be one or two people unique visitors/request performed each hour or even a day. This market has been served exclusive by shared hosting providers for a long time. The problem, […]

Build a RESTful API & share it with the world. Part 2

In Part 1, I discussed a business case and implementation analysis when moving forward with developing an API for your organization. This second part will cover the technical side of your Restful API. This technical discussion will revolve around an open source RESTful API Starter Kit called WebApiSoup. Let me take a moment to touch […]

RESTful API for the World. Part 1

The Challenge with RESTful API There comes a time when you or your organization would like to share data or functionality across departments, trading partners or customers. Usually this entails setting up a system handling request or file drops processing inbound or outbound workflows and managing a data contract to those who wish to consume […]

ASP.NET MVC, Bootstrap and Knockout.js with a ~twist~

I have seen many great implementations of CSS and HTML through the Twitter BootStrap community along with themes like Bootstrap-Admin-Theme by Vincent Gabriel. However, there are many projects that require multiple technology implementations like ASP.NET MVC, REST API support and a responsive design that is professional and pleasing to the eye. Also, there is almost […]