Parse CSV Comma or Pipe Delimited File with Linq

Many times I have been tasked with importing, reading and parsing text files with different formats. Most of the time I have had to read in a comma or pipe delimited file. Using libraries like CsvHelper helps if you are always developing solutions like this. If you need something quick or don’t want the added […]

Log4Net Notification Appender

Log4Net is a great library to add an application specific logging quickly and easily. However, many times I hear “how do I setup my application to send notifications”. If you are already using Log4Net then this easy to use Log4Net notification appender is a must have. Notifications and cloud logging using Log4Net is to setup […]

Monitor .Net Windows Service in 3 Easy Steps

Topshelf makes creating and installing a windows service as easy as one command line. Monitor .Net Windows Service is another animal all together. Now if you are not familiar with Topshelf Christoph De Baene wrote a great article on how to create a net windows service in 5 steps using Topshelf. Now that you are […]

Publish a Nuget Package – 3 Easy Steps

There are times far and in between where I need to publish a .NET library under a the nuget distribution. However, many times I need to google around trying to find a good example of how to do it. I am going to self document to the rest the simple step on getting your nuget […]

Getting Started with Stripe .NET example

If you are billing a paid app when you probably need a way to collect a payment or more likely a subscription payment. Stripe developer centric API helps you get get started quickly. However, it isn’t really clear how some of their API’s and UI Controls should work together. Strip Basic Workflow for Subscriptions Let […]

App Store – iOS Metadata Rejected

Deploying a brand new app to the iOS app store can be a bit nerve racking when submitting it to iTunes Connect. You begin to ask yourself a bunch of question about the quality and the style used to build your app, hoping Apple will accept it. For most apps it usually ends there. For […]

Android Async File Download

You want to show a user a PDF using your android app. This should be relatively simple right? Well there are several things to consider. First you need to download the document locally, in the background without disturbing the user. Android Async File Download Helper This snippets below manages the download task/thread using the AsyncTask […]

Web Api Key Authentication

If you are a developer like me you probably have plenty of experience using REST API with an API key and secret. What if you want to provide an API rather then consume it while implementing the same security you are familiar with. ASP.NET Web Api Key Authentication using DelegatingHandler ASP.NET Web Api provides http […]

How To Add an Android Action Bar Badge

There is a real need for display a badge along side of an action bar item. Unfortunitely the actionbarsherlock and android’s actionbar implementation does support any type of badging. However, a library was developed, called android-viewbadger, to add badges to views. However, this library does not support badging action bar items at the time of […]

iOS UICollectionView Tutorial

Since the release of iOS 6 UICollectionView have been taking the weight off of UITableViews. Some speculate that UICollectionView might just replace the need for the UITableView. I can certainly entertain that notion. Regardless of the UICollectionView’s place in the iOS world you will see that using a UICollectionView is no more complicated then a […]