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Beta Depot – TestFlight Android Alternative


I would like to introduce Beta Depot, an open source TestFlight Android Alternative build on .NET. The goal of this project is to create an on-premise alternative to the many varieties of cloud based offerings. This project focuses on being a team driven mobile application delivery platform with an emphases on continuous integration.

With Testflight recently purchased by Apple there is somewhat of a void with Android mobile app distribution. Some many developers are scrambling to find a replacement given they only have 1 month to do so. The Beta Depot open source effort hopes to alleviate some of the uncertainty around third party offerings.

The Beta Depot open source project is built on .NET technologies including ASP.NET MVC 5, Entity Framework 6, Twitter Bootstrap 3 and Identity Membership for a user repository.

One Door Closes – Another One Opens

Beta testing as well as continuous integration/delivery is a practice that is performed internally. So, using third party application might not always be a home run. Testflight’s departure from Android is one example of the negative impact they can have on a company’s development life cycle implementation. Beta Depot aims to given consistency and homogeneous experiences to internal development processes.

TestFlight Android Alternative – Cross Platform

Beta Depot Cross Platform

Beta Depot not only provides a great Android alternative to TestFlight users but also provides iOS support as well. Given the current landscape of the mobile ecosystem, it is very likely you will be building for multiple platforms. Beta Depot aims to support the most popular platforms.

Note: Since the release of iOS 7.1, iOS devices will not install enterprise or adhoc application builds where the plist manifest files are hosted on a non-SSL server. Beta Depot will only support iOS installs if the web server is using https and has a valid (by safari’s standards) SSL certificate installed. If you are going to use a self signed certification this article is a great resource to provide you guidance


Beta Depot Mobile Screenshot

Using twitter’s bootstrap 3 implementation we can provide a responsive design from the get-go. This gives the platform the flexibility with interfacing with mobile devices and administration on desktops.

There is very little need to have device specific native application manage application delivery. TestFlight, for example, has a app available for iOS and previously Android. The iOS version does serve one purpose, assisting development members in provisioning new devices for ad hoc distribution. However, Android is fast and loose with application delivery. As long as your device is setup to install third party apps, simply downloading the APK and running it is all that is necessary to install it on your device.

If you want more info on Beta Depot, feel free to visit the project page.

Let me know if you have any questions below…

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