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The INSTALL_FAILED_CPU_ABI_INCOMPATIBLE error is generated when you attempt to install an android application on a device with an unsupported CPU architecture. This error is usually related to the native libraries that are not packaged up for the device’s CPU architecture (ie: x86, ARMv6, ARMv7, etc).

Now, if you have an application that doesn’t use any native libraries or *.so file you might be scratching your head on this one. If you use IntelliJ IDEA IDE for your android development it might be packaging all of your related .JAR file in to the Native Library file location in your APK.


I will be honest, a StackOverflow article helped me resolve this issue. For those experiencing the same issue I just want to give a clear tutorial why and how to resolve this issue.

For some reason when you import or create a IntelliJ project the project settings automatically sets a Native library location. This location usually corresponds to the same popular folder name used to store JAR libraries.

If you get the Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_CPU_ABI_INCOMPATIBLE] when building/running an android application using IntelliJ this is how you resolve it:

  1. Once your application open Click File menu Item –> Click Project Structure
  2. Ensure Modules is selected in the left side menu –> Expand all projects to expose the Android Facet.
  3. Click on each android facet underneath each project to bring up the project detail
  4. Ensure the Structure tab is selected and you should see settings for the Manifest file, Resources Directory, Assets Directory and Native libs directory.
  5. Make sure the Native libs directory textbox setting is blank/cleared.

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Now if you have native library you probably don’t want to clear this settings. You will want to keep your JARs separate from your native libraries in their own folders specifying the native folder in the settings.

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  • Laura Suciu

    Thanks Justin! This article really helped me.

    • Justin Hyland

      I am glad this article helped you out!

  • Felip Adell

    Thank you Justin! You’ve helped me a lot!

  • Great article! That’s the first time I’ve seen this error in my three years with IntelliJ/Android. I was importing a Parse starter project with IntelliJ 12.1.6. Thanks for saving me time researching what the issue was!

    • Justin Hyland

      Certainly! I am glad this saved you time. Thanks for sharing the article!

  • Lekhraj Prince

    I have bluestacks and same problem is occuring to me .
    I just upgraded my windows from 7 to 8 1 , it was working fine in windows 7 but now it showing the same error for which I m here . Do u have any solution ? Your this solutions are not working in it . Since it dont have it

    • Justin Hyland

      I haven’t experience this error running an app on Bluestacks but this could be related to the app not containing native libraries specific to the platform you are running under. This post many not address your problem.

  • Katasani Venkateswara Reddy

    Hi sir…i did all the stuff u provided but still i got the same issue so please help me out