The Aspiring Entrepreneur – First Steps

I have been wanting to put my thoughts down in writing about entrepreneurship for some time. So I finally muscled up the courage to do so in a series of articles label as the aspiring entrepreneur. I would consider myself to be a aspiring entrepreneur with very few cuts and bruises that comes along with […]

Intellij 13 Quick Doc Pop Up

If you are having trouble with intellij 13 quick doc after upgrading from intellij 12 there is a solution. I have been using JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA to do my android development for about 6 months. I switch from eclipse and have looked back. Although, Eclipse wasn’t bad. It is just that IntelliJ IDEA is better. […]

NoSQL, A Trend or the Future

NoSQL, schemeless, open source, “Not Only SQL” databases have been around for quite some time. The NoSQL term was originally used by Carlo Strozzi to describe a light weight open-source relational database that didn’t adhere to a standard SQL programming interface. This technology is not anything new. NoSQL data stores existed before relational database theory […]